Camping Weekend

Over Easter weekend, I took Josh on his first ever father-son only camping trip. We drove up to Wagga Wagga in New South Wales and attended the Oz Mega Wagga Wagga geocaching event. The 6 hour drive (which became a 7 hour drive thanks to toilet breaks and breakfast and morning tea) wasn’t actually too […]


Five weeks from his fourth birthday, my son has come out with his first ‘major’ swear word. You know what little boys are like. Words like “Poo-poo” and “poo-head” are used quite often (picked up at school I would imagine) for which he gets threatened with pepper in the mouth. And trust me, he’s tasted […]

Back to school

Both kids are now at school*. Only one day a week until Deb starts her new job. Then it will probably be 3 days school and 2 days with with the out in-laws As much as Josh hated school when he started, Isi loves it! And I mean LOVES! She stood waiting at the front […]


I’m so proud of my son. He may only be half African (having an Aussie mum), but yesterday he took his first “boskak”*! It may not sound like much to you South Africans that read this blog, but for those from Europe, North America and even Australia, it’s a big deal for me. When we […]