Fridge restoration

On Sunday afternoon, I finally decided to get down and dirty with my old 1950’s Kelvinator fridge. I started by stripping off the door seals, taking out the screws that hold the door insulation in place and taking off the door and thermostat cover at the bottom of the fridge. The seal was rotten at […]

Lager brew bottling

I finally got around to bottling my lager on Friday night. Well, actually it was still fermenting when I checked it on Wednesday so I left it a bit longer. It was in the fermenter for a total of 12 days before bottling! This is also my first attempt at bottling in glass. I soaked […]

Lager time

After a hectic weekend of birthday parties, BBQs and a baptism I took Sunday afternoon off and went to do some fishing at the local lake. After two hours, I still hadn’t had a bite so I decided to go home and do something more productive – brew beer! This time it’s going to be […]

The old stuff