Fishing Brag Mat

There may not be any record breakers here, but these are my personal best catches from the kayak. If I blogged about the momentous occasion, there will be a link to the post.

For those that don’t know what a brag mat is, see an example here. (It’s a fishing thing!)

Fish Name Record – Location
Australian Salmon Australian Salmon – Arripis trutta 10cm
Bream Bream – Acanthopagrus spp. 31.5cm
Patterson Lakes
‘Couta – Rexea solandri
Mt Martha
Flathead – Platycephalidae
Upeneichthys_lineatus_(Blue-lined_goatfish) Goatfish – Upeneichthys spilurus 22cm
Mt Martha
 Snapper Snapper – Pagras Auratus 58.2cm
2 PBs off Ricketts Point
Short_Fin_Pike Snook 70cm
2 PBs off Ricketts Point
Blue throat wrasse Blue throat wrasse (female) –Notolabrus tetricus
Mt Martha
rainbow-trout Rainbow Trout
 Brown_Trout Brown Trout
Images courtesy DPI website

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