OK, I gave in to the pressure. At 10pm last night, I ordered satellite TV. I need it. I can’t miss another Super 14 final! Plus the Lions tour of South Africa starts with a game against the Royal XV this weekend. And then it’s Tri-Nations until the end of October. Of course, there’s also […]

I'm out!

OK, so a couple of weeks ago I wrote to say that I was going to start riding more seriously again. Right? Wrong! Last Saturday whilst debuting for my new rugby club, I tore a hamstring! No riding for at least 3 to 4 weeks! Damn! I’m really missing it!

A break

I’ve taken a long break from riding. We had terrible bushfires in the area where I usually ride which claimed over 200 lives and destroyed homes. I have also been away on holiday for 3 weeks, started a new job and started playing rugby again, so haven’t had much time to ride. I would like […]


No, not me. Although I had a pretty rough weekend too! We had some friends down from Sydney at the weekend and took a drive up to Healesville on Saturday. We went via Yea (pronounced “Yay”) and caught a glimpse of the devastation that the fires had caused. Still lots of burnt out cars and […]


Today I drove my first Hybrid car – a Toyota Prius. It was a little weird at first, but now I want one! When you start the car, you hear nothing – it is completely electric. If you drive slowly, you hear nothing and feel no vibration except the road. Put your foot down or […]