The ‘Skabengas’

Well, it’s been almost nine months since I did a full update on the kids and my previous update is one of the most read posts on my blog (although I’m sure that has more to do with the title than anything else!)

Joshua has started his “Getting ready for Prep” program which means that once a month I get to take a Friday afternoon off, pick him up from childcare and take him to ‘big’ school for an hour. I can tell you, his ‘big’ school is very different to what I attended all those years ago! Not a desk in sight, loads of toys, crayons, paints and paper, PCs and even an outdoor vege garden. How amazing is that? And it’s a state school too, nothing special. He loves it! It helps that there are 3 kids from his childcare who go there too. And I get to enjoy afternoon tea and cakes with the other mums and one dad!

This weekend will be our first ever father-son outing to the football. I don’t imagine that I will see all two hours of the game (Essendon v Melbourne in case you were wondering), but we’ll dress in black and red and eat Pukka pies and see how it goes. I’ll report back next week.

Josh has also picked up some naughty words (from school of course) which he likes to repeat at school and sometimes at home when he thinks we are out of earshot. One word involves Suarez (of Uruguay fame) and hell and the other word is for a female dog.

He has also started to write. He asks how to spell words and then writes these long lists, letters and notices to the cat (“No Cats allowed on my Special chair”). His drawings are also starting to look like actual things as opposed to his sister’s scrawls.

Our Princess Isi has turned on us. She has become the Mischievous One. She tells us what she wants to wear in the morning. She tells us when she doesn’t like something. She tells us when her pants don’t match her shoes! She loves going to childcare and they love her. She bosses her brother around. She carries Molly (the cat) around by the neck, legs or whatever else she can grab.

She also started modelling a few weeks ago. We were in the doctor’s surgery with our sick daughter when a woman approached us saying how full of energy she was despite being sick and asked if we were interested. We had a think about it and decided to go ahead. She has had her portfolio shots taken, but has not signed up for any photo shoots yet. You can see some of the shots below.

Both kids love helping out in the kitchen too since watching Masterchef on TV. Josh wants to be a chef when he grows up. (Bad idea!)

These are some of the latest photos of the kids, including some from Isi’s portfolio.

[nggallery id=7]

*skabenga is what I call my kids. A skabenga is a scallywag or rascal and the word is probably bastardised from the Zulu word isigebengu which means criminal.

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