Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Biking

Found a great article on BikeRadar about what equipment a beginner might need. It’s interesting to note in the comments that most people recommend hiring a mountain bike at a riding centre first to see if you enjoy riding before going out and spending the big bucks. Makes sense.

Have you ever wondered what equipment you would need to start mountain biking? Or even where to go? For people who love the sport, these kinds of questions are second nature. They already have all the kit and know the best venues and routes for their skill level.

Essential equipment:

  • Bike – Rigid, Hardtail or Full-Suss
  • Helmet – A MUST HAVE
  • Gloves – Keeps out the cold, keeps the skin on your hands if you fall
  • Pump, puncture repair kit & multi-tool – always useful if you get a puncture out on the trail

For more detail, read the article here: Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Biking, Part I

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