Rugby round-up

No, we’re not even going to mention the Springboks and their disgusting disappointing form. This is about the Misfits!

The season ended with a draw against Endeavour Hills Ratbags (27 all) down at Seaford. Although it probably wouldn’t have made a difference to the final score, they did score the equalising try while having 16 players on the ground. The ref didn’t notice, so the try was allowed despite protests from the team!

The player of the season award went to Hutchie and the team of the year award was given to Southern Districts (from Seaford). So, some stats from the season.

  • Played: 14
  • Won: 7
  • Lost: 6
  • Draw: 1

We also managed to reclaim the trophy from Harlequins that we haven’t seen in 4 years with a hard fought 12-7 win. They then forfeited the return match, leaving us with title.

Below are some photos from our final match and the award ceremony afterwards.

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