Yesterday Josh had the day off school, so I took a day off work and we went fishing. We arrived in Buxton around 11am, stopped at the local tackle shop for some worms and then headed for the Meeting of the Waters Reserve. This is where the Steavenson, Little Steavenson and Acheron Rivers all converge. The water was running pretty high and fast after recent rains, but we decided to give it a go anyway.

Josh was using the worms, but I decided to give the lures a go. I rigged up Joshua’s new rod with new tackle and cast it out for him. I walked a little further upstream to cast the lure into the water. On my second cast… BANG!

The trout put up a great fight as I reeled it in! It was all pretty exciting. As it neared the bank, I realised that I didn’t have the net so I dragged it straight onto the bank. The fish was wriggling like mad, so I reached down and grabbed it. Big mistake!

The fish started jumping and the next thing I knew, the second treble on the lure was in my finger! The fish kept bouncing about and the hook kept digging deeper into my finger! I finally managed to get the hook out of the trout’s mouth and then the lure off the end of the line (with my left hand) but I still had the lure hanging there. Lucky for me, an elderly couple turned up to fish and the old man got out his pliers and snipped the split ring. Now I just had a hook in my finger.

Buxton has a population of 226, which means no doctors. I had to drive 40 minutes back to Healesville to have the hook cut out of my finger.

$200 later, this was the most expensive trout that I have ever caught!

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