Molly the Cat

Our kitten has a new game. Every morning around 4am, she jumps up onto my chest or pillow and starts to lick me. Usually it is around my ears or my neck. Not the greatest feeling having your skin rasped off your body when you’re deep in sleep.

The first time it happened, I ignored her. Well, after throwing her halfway across the room in shock. But she came back the next night and the next. I thought maybe she was hungry, but both mornings when I got up her bowl still contained cat food.

Finally, after about 10 days of the sandpaper treatment, I’ve realised that all she wanted was a bit of a cuddle. So, this morning when I woke to loud purring and the rough tongue treatment, I started to rub her ears and she stopped stripping the skin off mine. Within minutes, we were both asleep again!

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