It’s just after midnight and we’re sitting in JFK Airport in New York. We arrived here an hour ago from Buffalo. Our next flight is in 5 hours, so we’re spending the night in the airport. Luckily the wireless is free. Unfortunately, I have 20 minutes of battery left on my laptop with not a power point in sight!

Toronto was nice. Niagara Falls were amazing!!! We visited the Canadian side on Friday and the American side yesterday (Saturday). The view from Canada is much better as you can clearly see both the American and Horseshoe Falls from here. We took some awesome photos (coming soon) and to top it all, we took the ‘Maid of the Mist‘ ride from the American side to within spitting distance of the cascading water!

Photos will be up soon.

Chat soon,

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1 thought on “Red-eye


    (8 July 2007 - 18:12)

    hey del!!! reading ur posts make me really wanna go to the states!!! just have to convince B to part with some money!!! :p

    looking forward to see the photos!!


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