Sirens and police

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Well it’s all happening in London today! I live on a busy main road near Ladbroke Grove tube and the sirens haven’t stopped since about 6am this morning! The reason: more bombers!

Apparently they’re holed up locally in a housing estate; hell, they probably drink in my pub (although I can’t say I recognised any of the bombers on the CCTV footage released last week!). I’ve just come back from a meeting and half a dozen roads in the area are closed off. There are TV cameras and photographers everywhere and traffic is a nightmare. (See BBC News for more.)

There’s no point even making any sort of social comment on this stuff. I lived with it in South Africa, I lived with it in London 10 years ago when the IRA were up to their tricks. You live with; you get used to it! Nothing I say or do will change anything. It could happen anywhere – it did: Turkey 2 weeks ago, Egypt last week!

And it doesn’t seem to bother Londoners. They still go to work, they still commute (although more seem to drive now than bus or tube it). They don’t really have a choice. No work = no pay!

Anyway, if you’re bored, check out the webcam – you may spot a police car or ambulance go past.

(More BBC pics.)

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